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Welcome to Momento

A Defi+NFT project cap is designed to reflect some of the most interesting and exciting moments of the last decade, combined with advanced tokenomics.

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Momento on worlds most iconic building

Momento is a project that aims to showcase some of the most interesting and fascinating moments of the past decade. Its goal is to evoke a sense of nostalgia through art. We will have two categories of NFTs that we’d be showcasing through our project. One would be a general category where we’ll depict some of the most talked about moments of the past decade and the other one would be a category that solely belongs to some of the most prominent crypto projects out there and we aim to show some of the most iconic moments of their crypto journey in a single piece of art.

Apart from this we’ll have a lot of DEFI features which as well would be mentioned as part of the tokenomics so basically you could say that this is a DEFI + NFT project. It’s going to be best of both worlds for our community and we aim to make it a community driver project.


Total supply
1 Trillion

Marketing and development

There will be a 12% tax on each transaction:

 (Not after every sell. Every time this wallet accumulates 0.2 ETH, an automatic buyback and burn is initiated for that 0.2 ETH worth of tokens and thereby creating a constant upward pressure on the price).