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Momento is a P2E project that revolves around street football, a sport that most of us have played or watched during our childhood and have fond memories of and football is something that a lot of us love to play online as well, however, there was no real way to earn through it. Well, we are here to change that! We aim to provide a platform through which people can earn through the NFTs they own, play exciting variations within the game, have fun with their friends and a lot more, all while making a living out of it. The concept of DEFI, NFT and Play to earn games is not something that a lot people understand so we aim to provide an all-in-one solution where it’s easy and interactive for everyone to understand all of these aspects and actually use it and also be able to earn through it in multiple ways. The NFTs will be integrated into the Play to earn (P2E) games and there will be an in-game staking feature that’ll enable people to make passive income through the NFTs that they buy.

$Momento a multi-utility token that will be used within the games and for purchasing the NFTs. A portion of the revenue that's generated would be distributed to the Momento token holders and the NFT holders, thereby generating passive income for holding on to the token and the NFTS and the remaining would be used for further development of the project and regular buyback and burns.


Total supply - 1 Trillion Liquidity - 60% Marketing and development - 2% Staking - 12% Burn - 26%
There will be a 10% tax on each transaction: 3% - Added to liquidity 3% - gets redistributed to holders 4% - Buy back and burn
*The buyback from the buyback wallet is going to happen manually. However, the burn happens automatically and this reduces the supply over time. The buyback wallet can only be used for buying the tokens which immediately leads to an increase in price and the code has been written in such a way that the ETH as well as the tokens cannot be withdrawn at any point ensuring maximum safety.


Phase 1
  • Token launch
  • Liquidity lock
  • Contract Audit
  • Community building
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Whitepaper v1 release
  • Token burn
  • CEX listings
  • Play-to-earn game development
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Cross-chain
Phase 2
  • NFTs
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Staking
  • Token bridge
  • Play-To-Earn game launch
  • Metaverse
  • Certik Audit
  • Massive marketing campaigns


Team Member Nitish Maheshwari Founder and CEO Linkedin
Nitish is the Founder and CEO of Momento. He has been a part of the booming tech industry for the past decade, creating and building solutions that help in bridging the gap between imagination and reality. He has been involved in the Crypto industry since 2015 and is an avid trader and DEFI farmer. He is well known for his expertise on the play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem which is something he’s very passionate about as he’s a gamer himself.
Team Member Yatin Kapahi Chief Financial Officer Linkedin
Yatin is the Chief Financial Officer at Momento. He is an experienced professional in creating easy-to-use financial solutions for real-world problems within the fintech, blockchain, and emerging tech industries. His innovative products have proven successful in solving a world of dynamic problems within the space - an experience he plans on using towards the betterment of Momento.
Team Member Arindam Batabyal Chief Marketing Officer Linkedin
Arindam is the CMO and core strategist for all the marketing activites at Momento. He has vast experience in the dynamic Fintech Industry, in both, the front end and backend. Arindam previously built custom SaaS solutions for clients in the emerging tech industry, but he later moved to the front end, aiding in the marketing and branding of several emerging tech, fintech, and blockchain firms globally. He is also a crypto enthusiast that has been in the space since 2015 so he brings in a lot of experience into the project.
Team Member Sumangal Dutta Marketing Advisor Linkedin
Convinced his Dad, who is a Warren Buffet disciple, to invest in Bitcoin back in 2015 and HODL without selling even a single satoshi. Enough said!
Team Member Mohit Maheshwari Chief Operating Officer Linkedin

A professional with years of experience in managing teams and the operations of an organization and forming collaborations that help in the growth and development of the firm. Mohit has been a part of the crypto industry since 2017 and has worked with multiple projects on the operations side of things and helped them to grow to multi-million dollar projects.

Team Member Lakshay Ahuja Chief Research Officer Linkedin

As a lead research officer, Lakshay has experience in understanding and implementing protocols and strategies that keep the projects safe and secure and an eye to identify opportunities that could lead to the growth of the projects. Lakhsay is currently focusing on using his expertise for emerging cryptocurrency projects as he is a firm believer of the space.

Team Member Emil Sebastian Strategic Advisor Linkedin
Emil is a visionary who has been a part of the crypto industry since 2017 and his ideas and strategies has been vital in the success of multiple multi-million dollar projects. He primarily works with relatively new projects that have the potential to revolutionize the space and works closely with them to help them achieve their full potential. His main areas of expertise lies in the DEFI and NFT space.


Momento, a DeFi and NFT platform has announced a partnership with Moontography, a unique project with an expert suite of decentralized tools, services, and products. This partnership between Momento and Moontography is aimed to benefit the atomic swap and cross-chain features on Momento. View more
Momento’s DeFi and NFT platform has announced a partnership with Luna PR, an award-winning PR, and Marketing firm based in Dubai, UAE. View more


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